Russian Deaf People

Nothing Can Come Your Way, Not Even Being Deaf

In this world, there is nothing unachievable. When you think of attaining something with enough grit and determination, you can always conquer the world. All you require is a lot of hard work and perseverance, along with the constant need to achieve something for yourself. This is a fundamental rule that applies to all areas of life. It can be achieving success in sports, or in the work sphere or in your personal life.

Hardwork and determination are the keys to success

The road to success is not easy. It is a path that one has to create oneself. If you wish to achieve success in any field, you have to make your own path. Even if it means proving to the world, your capabilities.True grit and determination will take you a long way and help you attain good success.

History has shown that hard work can do wonders. When a son of a poor farmer can work hard and fight the many odds to become a president of a country; when a poor orphan can become a business tycoon; nothing is impossible.

There are many real life examples in this world, where people have overcome the worst situations in life. Agreed, that all days are not alike. But, when you set your sights into accomplishing something for yourself, things will automatically fall into place. If not, you should make them happen.

Instant results may be true for some blessed souls. But, it is not the case with everyone. Anyone who is ambitious enough will work hard with grit and determination to become successful. Results may not be instantaneous, but they are bound to happen.

Success and Sports

The beauty of success is sweet. In all areas governing our life, we all are lookingfor success at every corner. And when you are a sportsperson and you are training in sports, success has an altogether different meaning. Success in sports, to some, means winning all the medals at all times. While to some, success in sports means training efficiently in the game and being a winner for life.

Some of the keys to success in sports are:

  • Being mentally tough
  • Having the hunger to achieve things
  • Having good people skills
  • A good knowledge of sports and life in general
  • An ability to break barriers
  • And last but not the least, planning for success.

There are also many barriers that should be overcome to be successful in sports. Some of these barriers are:

  • Fear of the known/unknown
  • Stress and tension
  • Trying to attain perfectionism
  • Expectations
  • Pressure to perform well in the big game.
  • Single-minded focus on the results and not on the game.
  • Stuck at a level and not being able to move on.

To move ahead and to taste success, all these barriers have to be overcome.

There are many things playing sports teaches you. Among them, the constant urge to achieve great heights in sports and the satisfying the inner soul stand out. When you feel satisfied that you have done your best and you have become the best in the chosen sport, then you have definitely tasted success. Success in sports is not just about winning medals and tournaments. It is also about reaching the best position in the game that is there to be achieved.

Sports and Health

When you want to achieve success in sports, health is an aspect that should be taken into account. Good health certainly matters in sports. And in the same way, sports also give a chance to lead a healthier lifestyle. Strict personal discipline is attained very easily when any form of sports is taken very seriously.

Among the prevalent health diseases, there are many risk factors that clearly emerge. Lack of physical activities is one of the major factors. This again has an effect right from not being able to do the daily chores to having weak bones and weak knees. Having a healthy body, with healthy knees and stronger bonesmake a person capable of doing many things in the right way. With health being good, anything, right from success in sports to better training and better prospects are achievable.

Sports training is a way to accomplish better health. There is an enhanced physical and mental well-being. It is also a way to realize better performance training.

Sports and Disability

Another aspect that comes forth here is being healthy mentally and physically despite disabilities. And the growing number of people who are differently abled, participating in specially designed games is proof for this fact.

There are many games and Paralympics that are conducted at various intervals in many countries. People from all over the world participate in them. It is really amazing to this true grit and determination displayed by these individuals. They do not let their disabilities to overpower them.

Likewise, even people with deafness are seen to participate in many sports. The Deaflympics games that are conducted show that no form of disability, even deafness, can come in the way of attaining true success. Even in sports, people with deafness compete regularly at international events and realize their dreams.

Deaflympics arerecognized by the International Olympic Committee. Here athletes with deafness participate in games. Some of the different games that deaf athletes participate in are cycling, athletics, basketball, football, beach volleyball, bowling, badminton, golf, karate, judo, handball, shooting, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, wrestling tennis etc.

It is amazing to see how the Russian Deaf athletes perform. Just as the other regular athletes, deaf athletes also play with very strong determination and skill. There are many famous deaf sportspersons who have accomplished supreme success in the sports that they have chosen to play.

Many people are of the opinion that once they taste failure, it is the end of the world and that nothing they do can improve their lives. But, one look at the way these deaf sportspersons play, despite their disability, shows us that success can be achieved if we put our heart and soul into it.